"Jesus" and the Jewish Messiah

One only needs to study a bit on Judaism, to easily see the Jewish obsession with their "Messiah," especially with the orthodox.

Throughout the centuries, numerous rabbis and kabbalists have done spiritual workings (often to their detriment) to hasten the coming of their Messiah.

The Jews are obsessive/compulsive by nature and the observing ones are especially obsessive/compulsive regarding their Messiah.

Giving their userous nature, it's glaringly obvious what "Jesus Christ" is all about. The mass mind. By creating the fictitious character of Jesus Christ and the "second coming," the Jews who have hijacked and hoarded knowledge regarding the powers of the mind and soul, especially channeled belief and faith, [the mass mind is driven by the strength in the numbers of believers], these energies are directed into bringing about their long awaited Messiah. The billions of Gentile believers throughout the ages have amplified energies directed towards the coming of the Jewish Messiah by believing in Jesus Christ. There is plenty of strength in mass belief. The Jews, especially the orthodox know this.
For more detailed information regarding how all of this ties in subliminally, please read the following article:

Jesus: The Jewish Archetype

All of our Pagan holidays and festivals have been hijacked with the Nazarene invading and embedded in them, for additional slavish worship and applying more and more psychic energies to the Jews and their Messiah. This goes beyond how the Jews indirectly enforce compulsory church attendance. (The Vatican has ALWAYS been Jewish and under Jewish control). The Jews have always assumed positions of authority where they dictate to and order Gentiles about.

The Noahide laws for Gentiles explicitly forbid "idolatry" meaning we are forbidden to acknowledge our own Pagan Gods. The Jews use Gentiles to fight their wars. Hitler even noted in Mein Kampf how all the Gentiles were fighting in combat on the fronts, while the Jews in the military all had office jobs that kept them safe. The populace really needs to wake up as to what that worthless parasite Nazarene is really all about.

Quote from the Jewish Talmud:
Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."