Copy of a Catholic Confession Primer

This is pathetic, but makes for a good laugh. This is a copy of a Catholic confession primer. Humor aside, in reading this, it is more than obvious that these people are seriously SICK.

This is so anti-life and a perfect example of how the alien "God" hates humanity and anything human. Every human trait is covered here; what makes us all human. These tenets are so anti-human and alien. What is worse, is how they push these sick teachings on innocent children and destroy more lives. This sick "religion" needs to come to an end and soon is not soon enough!



Besides telling the NATURE of our sins, we must also recollect, as far as possible, the NUMBER of times we have committed them, telling also (and only) those CIRCUMSTANCES which at times may either make a venial sin mortal or a mortal sin notably worse. Have I ever failed to confess a serious sin or disguised it? Have I been guilty of irreverence for this sacrament by failing to examine my conscience carefully?

Have I failed to perform the penance given me by the confessor or disobeyed any of his directions? Have I neglected the Easter duty of receiving Holy Communion or failed to confess my sins within a year? Have I any HABITS of serious sin to confess first (impurity, drunkenness, etc.)?

First Commandment

Second Commandment

Third Commandment

Fourth Commandment

Regarding my children:

Fifth & Eighth Commandments

Sixth & Ninth

Seventh & Tenth Commandments